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Strike Force Heroes 2 Unblocked

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[W]/[Up] - Jump
[A]/[Left] - Move Left
[S]/[Down] - Crouch
[D]/[Right] - Move Right
[R]/[Right Click] - Reload
[Q]/[Shift] - Switch Weapons
[E]/[Ctrl] - Killstreak
[Mouse] - Aim and Shoot

Strike Force Heroes 2 Unblocked - a really impressive and interesting shooting game which has an addictive campaign mode and several game modes that will make you happy. If you love shooting games you can easily play one of the greatest of them at our website. When you start the campaign mode, most of the weapons as well as the items are locked. There are a lot of different weapons in this game, as well as a lot of game modes. For example in some of levels you will be offered to play deathmatch or capture the flag game.

There are several soldier classes as well in the Strike Force Heroes 2 game. I will tell you about them, so read carefully before choosing one.
Engineer - is a very good at combat. If you love using assault rifle - this class is for you.
Mercenary - most powerful when playing alone. The Mercenary's weapons are very strong, but often his teammates are his weakness.
General - one of the best and most powerful on battlefield. In fact this is my favorite class.
Sniper - for those who love using rifles and kill enemies from long distance.
Juggernaut - high armor and high health character, who uses short range weapons. Wears heavy armor that makes his very powerful but slow.

Have fun playing the Strike Force Heroes 2 unblocked at our website. Complete all missions of the game to reveal the hidden bonus weapons and items. Enjoy.